provides integration and consulting services in content centric applications


We enable medium & large enterprises to build and manage content-driven processes that support a range of business opportunities.



Alfresco ECM

We use Alfresco (Community or Enterprise) as
a platform to build high added value business applications.

Java Enterprise

With our innovative addons and creative solutions we bring the ECM platform to every Java developer on an enterprise scale.

Who is


PleoSoft is lead by Daniel Gradecak who has been working with Alfresco ECM along-side companies and organizations (all over Europe) for the last 11 years and has more than 15 years of Java Enterprise experience.

What We Do

Not only document oriented applications. We build full stack (Javascript and Java) solutions.

PleoSoft has the expertise and experience in integrating your current processes and applications with Alfresco ECM or implementing completely custom applications that fits your business requirements.




Filling templates with human hands tends to be demanding, thankless and boring, often resulting in time-consuming busywork at best, and mistakes at worst. Check it out

Peltas BI

Is a friendly, smart and ready-to-use BI tool for Alfresco.
It integrates with Alfresco Workspace data and Alfresco Audit.
Check it out

Migration Services

We will work with you throughout the migration process to prepare your existing documents for a seamless automatic migration.

Get in Touch

Feel free to drop us a line to contact us

Please tell us as much as you can about your project and what you require. we will get back to you as soon as possible. PleoSoft is not a traditional Alfresco training provider but we can build up your team’s knowledge if that is of your interest.

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10251 Zagreb, Croatia

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